We love eyes!

Eyes for All make custom ocular prostheses, scleral shells and post-operative conformers. We also teach local people a wide range of techniques to ensure they can keep the work going in their community into the future. We have worked in hospitals and private clinics around the world and adapt these skills and techniques to best suit our environment and patients needs.

We are based in Melbourne but our efforts are focused on areas in need that have a higher prevalence of eye problems and social stigma of eye disease. We are committed to assisting development in this field as it often does not get support from local governments.

Eyes For All travel to where there is the greatest need for ocular prosthetics. We also believe in the importance of gaining localised knowledge and experience in order to better understand the culture of our patients and trainees.


This ensures that our work is sustainable, culturally appropriate and that we can overcome any obstacles unique to each area we are working in.

For some people receiving a prosthetic eye means that they can return to their community, school, work and life.

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Email hello@eyesforall.com​​.au

Whatsapp +254 794 764 451

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