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In the developing world, losing a facial part can be devastating. It is often the beginning of a cycle of hardship resulting in the loss of jobs, family and friends, self-esteem, social acceptance – and ultimately, hope.

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Eyes For All provides restorative ocular prostheses for people affected by disease or trauma, including facial prostheses. We believe everyone deserves compassion, respect, and to feel whole, regardless of ethnicity, religion, nationality, or economic status. Receiving a prosthesis is the first step in the rehabilitation process and restores patients’ identity and hope.

Unfortunately, access to these services is lowest in areas of the world where they're needed most, and affordability is a crucial barrier for many. Eyes For All charges some of the lowest prices in the world ($300 USD) for restorative ocular prosthetics, but this is still unaffordable for most.

Losing a facial part can be psychologically traumatic, leading to a loss of confidence, ostracization, and shame. Restorative ocular prostheses provide psychological and physiological benefits, including restoration of confidence and reintegration into society, as well as protection from further trauma or foreign bodies.


By restoring patients' faces, we restore their identities, hope, and chances for better lives. With your help, we can continue to provide life-changing facial prostheses to those who need them most.

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