Eyes for All is a passion project of two eye aficionados, Nelly James and Francesca Gelai. They met working as dispensing opticians in an optometry practice and have always been interested in all things eyes. They were drawn to this multifaceted vocation as it is the perfect hybrid of their love for eyes, craft and working with/helping people.

Nelly and Francesca completed their training in the UK with world renowned and experienced ocularist, John Pacey-Lowrie, in Nottingham and at Nottingham Trent University. 

Since training with John they have spent time in Athens, Greece with three generations of ocularists at Sankey International. They have also met with Keith Pine in New Zealand (author of the only ocular prosthetics handbook "Clinical Ocular Prosthetics") and volunteered in a mix of public hospital, private clinic and backyard settings in Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria.

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Email hello@eyesforall.com​​.au

Whatsapp +254 794 764 451

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